iOS version of Forehand is live!

After a few months of development I’ve published my new app called Forehand. It’s an app for table tennis players and enthusiasts. It gives you an access to:

– daily news from table tennis world,
– videos showing how to improve skills – you can submit your links as well!
– tips what bats to choose,
– tournament sheets to help you with organising the tournaments.

There is a social aspect of the app as well. You can comment and interact with other users’ videos, you can personalise your profile.

You can download it from the App Store:

I’m planning to release an Android version by the end of this year as well.

More info about Forehand can be found here:

Work on Forehand app started

I have just started working on the new app called Forehand. It’s going to be an app for table tennis players willing to stay up to date with table tennis news and to develop their skills. There are 2 versions of Forehand app coming: iOS and Android one. I put a placeholder landing page at already. I’m aiming to release the app on both platforms in June this year.